Metal, Industrial and Industrial Metal

Less But More by Aesthetishe


Said awesome new music. Mental Mekatronik Side by Krystal System.

I’m Pretty Much Fucked by Mindless Faith.

Helter Skelter by Be My Enemy.


Currently listening to…

Paranoia by Apoptygma Berzerk

Let It Rain (Audio-B Remix) by Slick Idiot

Computer Music by She.  Chiptunes, ftw!

Black Heart (Alpha Mix) by Edge of Dawn.  Awesome German futurepop.

Everyday is Halloween (Razed In Black Remix) by Ministry.  Awesome remix of an awesome song.  Amazing lyrics too.

All At Once by Lucidstatic.

This just came up as suggested while I was listening to FLA.  It’s Enjoy The Party by Dapanji and it’s not half bad ^_^